Look into a classroom today. Or the college. Or the workplaces- from schools to government institutions to corporates, it is the same reality. People go through the motions at job, and seek excitement elsewhere- TVs, cinemas and other entertainment activities.

What is missing?

In what we experience, what we learn and what we do. It is the most fundamental of all crises.
For the purpose of action, we will limit ourselves to the crisis in education and what afflicts the various stakeholders in it.

Teachers- Crisis of coverage

The difficulties of teaching vast amount of knowledge

Teachers are struggling with

  • the drudgery of planning, collecting, preparing and organizing teaching and learning plans;
    the painstaking job of creating and collecting teaching-learning tools and
  • having to repeat instruction to an inattentive class with low-auditory ability
  • the rigmarole of checking test-answers and having to evaluate objectively your
    students learning
  • having to tell parents about their child’s learning and not learning, and
    having to prove it all the time
Students- Crisis of rote learning

The difficulties of dealing with unconnected information

Students are struggling with

  • the repetitive, unexciting textbooks
  • the lengthy lectures of teachers, period after period
  • rote learning of meaningless strings of words and phrases
  • learning things only on surface and never delving deep because the teacher only
    wants to cover the syllabus
  • the un-engaging assessment that is designed to check your ignorance rather than knowledge
Academic Leaders – Crisis of monitoring the unmonitorable

The difficulties of managing unmanageable world of teaching and learning

School Heads, Managers and Owners are struggling with

  • the uncertainty of children’s varying levels of learning and not knowing who
    stands where
  • the nightmare of vague assessment of children’s learning left to the mercy of
    individual teacher’s ability and mood
  • the gap arising in teaching due to teachers being absent, or leaving the school
  • the impact of weak content and pedagogical knowledge of the teacher
  • the parents who are doggedly complaining because they are not convinced of
    their children’s learning
Parents – Crisis of not knowing how to support my child’s learning

The struggle to know what the child has learnt and not learnt and how to help her/him better

Parents are struggling with

  •  the pain and confusion of incomprehensible lists and expectations from the school
  • the anxiety of not knowing what your child is learning in class and how to support
    him/her at home
  • child not having any exciting practice work that he/she can do to strengthen what
    was learnt in class
  • not knowing how to improve the child’s scores in the subjects
  • not knowing what to expect from your child in different grades
  • teacher’s teaching and child’s learning not being visible to them

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